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March 23, 2013
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~Reader's POV~

You were taking the usual way home, walking slowly to ensure that you wouldn't be attracting too much attention to yourself.
It was a nice spring day, the grass bending over from the weight of the wind forcing then down, the flowers looked especially radiant, and you could see children in the neighborhood running around playing.
The sound of barking attracts your attention immediately as you stop your trudging. To your left, a big Doberman was staring at you, baring its fangs.
Instead of scurrying away like any other person might have, you crouched down, hugging your legs. It continued to growl.
"Hello there," you greeted him, smiling to show that you weren't going to hurt him.
The dog hesitated, giving you a inquiring look.
You offered him your hand and he sniffed the palm of your hand before nuzzling into it.
You broke into a rarely seen smile and pet your newfound doggie friend. He seemed to like you, and it made you feel very happy inside.
"Berlitz? Vhere are you?"
You looked up to see a semi-familiar face. Blinking, you realized that you were currently staring at THE Ludwig Beilschmidt, and THE Ludwig Beilschmidt was staring back at you.
Without a second thought, you bolted.
Before he could stop you, you had crossed the street and rounded the corner. You didn't stop running until you reached your safety haven, your home.
Realizing that you had just trespassed one of the most popularly crushed-on guy in your entire school's house and petted his dog, made you turn pale with fear.
From now on, you would stay away from him at all costs.

~Timeskip brought to you by The Awesome Prussia~
You had kept your word, finding out all of his classes and making sure to walk in the opposite direction in order to destroy any chance of meeting the German. Whenever you saw a blonde haired male, you would take refuge behind the nearest thing, cowering shyly.
But you eventually met a dead end. In order to get to your house, you would need to walk past his house. There was another way, but it would take twice as long!
Gathering the only courage you could possibly have, you walked down Ludwig's street, keeping your pace brisk.
It was the Doberman again. It was smiling at you with happy doggy-eyes and tried to pounce on you.
"No! B-Bad dog!" you retorted, lacking the fierceness of the command.
Still, his ears flattened and we lay down, whimpering.
Feeling guilty immediately, you apologized profusely. "S-Sorry! It's're a good dog!" you petted it while smiling brightly.
He perked up again and jumped on you, nuzzling your cheek with its wet doggy nose and giving you slobbery kisses.
"S-Stop!" you laughed at the scratchy feel of the Doberman's tongue.
You looked up to see, again, Ludwig Beilschmidt.
And he saw you on the ground with his dog, on his yard.
You jumped up immediately and dashed as fast as you could to make your escape. This time, you were not as lucky since he had taken ahold of your arm.
Blushing immensely at the close contact, you hid your eyes behind your bangs.
"Don't be just vant to play with Berlitz ja?"
You looked up shyly to meet his sky blue eyes and nodded, still shying away from his touch.
"Vell you don't have to run...I think Berlitz likes you too," he added, and Berlitz gave a bark.
"You can come over vhenever you vant."
"T-Thank you M-Mister B-Beilschmidt," you replied, still nervous.
He frowned. "Call me Ludwig. I can't be much older than you."
For the next few days, you visited Berlitz whenever you had the time. You learned that Ludwig also had a Golden Retriever, a German Shepard, and a Dalmatian with its puppy that he let you name. After a few days of thinking, you named it [PuppyName].
Sometimes, you caught Ludwig looking at you strangely. When he noticed that you were looking right back at him, he flushed the most curious share of pink. You didn't let it bother you though.
You looked up from petting [PuppyName] and smiled up at Ludwig. "Yes?"
"Vhy did you run avay from me the first time ve met?"
You blinked, caught off guard by the suddenly question. You didn't answer.
"...Vas it because you don't like me?"
"N-No of course not! I-I like-"
Everything happens in a flash, and you find yourself in mid-rant with Ludwig kissing you.
When he pulls away, he adds curtly, "Good. Because I like you too."
You blushed.

This is dedicated to :iconaly2840:
Hope you like~ I don't have much to say so...
All who favorite, comment, or watch...Thank you! It really means a lot to me :iconchitandaahplz:

My computer's going haywire again so if you can't see the picture then just ignore this...if it shows...I don't own the picture.
I do not own Germany he belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexygermany2plz:
Story and overall plot belongs to :iconcross-angel-chan:
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