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March 17, 2013
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~Reader's POV~

"Happy Birthday guys!"
You opened the door to welcome in your good friends, Italy and Romano. It was their birthday today, and you were absolutely determined to give them a good time and make sure this will be a birthday they'll never forget!
"Grazie bella~" Feliciano replied, giving you a hug as he entered through your doorway.
"Grazie ragazza," you heard Romano grumble, apparently in an awful mood.
"Sorry none of the other countries could make it...they said something about a very important meeting that they all had to attend," you apologized, as you gave them a sad smile.
"It's alright [Name]! Having you with us to celebrate our birthday is a gift in itself ve~!"
You smiled, "Thanks Feli. I have a whole schedule ready for you guys! First, we'll play a game!"
"A game?" Romano echoed confusingly.
"Yup! I'm sure you've heard of it before! It's called Hide and Seek!" you replied, a bright grin lighting up your face.
"Ve~! That sounds like fun!"
"Since I have nothing better to do..."
"Alright then! I'll count to 50. And don't go into my room! Don't want you messing anything up in there," you exclaimed as the two already started their quest to find a hiding place.
After you had reached 50, you shouted, "Ready or not here I come!" before racing to find the twins.
Unsurprisingly, you found the two stuffed in a closet.
"Idiota fratello! I told you this wouldn't be a good place to hide!" Romano fumed.
You laughed, and pulled the two out of the closet and then told them that they had to find you. Once they covered their eyes and started counting, you raced up to your secret hiding place. Since this was your house, you knew places the Italian twins didn't know about.
First, there was a loose board in the hallway that lead to the basement below. You knew the perfect way to give the two of them a good scare.
You lowered yourself under the boards and hooked your foot on a beam that you deemed sturdy enough to support your weight. You shut the board and waited for the sound of footsteps.
After a while, you heard the two of them calling your name and shuffling. A evil smile lighting up your face, you slipped the floorboard up as quiet as possible and grabbed the leg of the person you were targeting.
"Something's got me!"
The person fell on top of the other while you let go and climbed out of your hiding spot. When you realized your target had been Romano, you burst out into laughter at the horrified faces of both Feliciano and Romano.
"I'm going to get you ragazza!" Romano shouted angrily, chasing you around with a string of curses.
When the two of you finally settled down, you brought out the ice cream cake from the fridge.
You had made it yourself, with some help from the Internet. It was a vanilla ice cream cake with blue frosting and red tomatoes decorating to top. You attempted to make pasta, but it looked like a pile of worms covered in blood. It bright green writing you had written 'Buon Compleanno Feliciano and Romano!'
"How do you like it?" you asked nervously as you set the cake in front of them on the table.
"It looks wonderful bella! Grazie~!" Italy replied, excitedly glomping you.
"Time to sing the Birthday song!" you said excitedly before breaking into song.
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Italy and Romano! Happy birthday to you!"
They blew out the candles and you cheered happily.
You each cut the three of you ample amounts of birthday cake and dug in immediately. After you finished your slices, you returned the dessert back into its home in your fridge and announced the next event.
"Time to open presents!" you shouted happily, leading then into the living room where a stack of presents awaited them.
On the top of the stack were some presents that the other countries had wanted you to give them. As suspected, Spain gave Romano some tomatoes, France a guide on how to get girls, and some other trinkets. Italy received some treats from Hungary, a happy birthday letter from Germany, and others including photos and such. When the two reached your present to them, you blushed nervously as hey examined it.
You had given them a large-sized photo of the three of you that day you had went to the beach. You had on a summer dress with sandals while the two were in matching t-shirts and shorts. For once Romano had cracked a smile, and Italy was waving at the camera. It was one of your favorite photos.
Along with it, you included a [poem/drawing] since you were secretly a [writer/artist]. They seemed to like it immensely.
"Grazie mille bella! I love it," Feli smiled, giving you another hug which you returned.
"It's very nice of you," Romano added, his cheeks were also a bit pink. You hugged him anyways though.
"As a thank you..."
The countries barge in to meet a very curious sight. Both Italians each planting a kiss on your cheeks.
"Ohonhonhonhon~ What do we 'ave 'ere?"
"D-Don't get the wrong idea!" you replied, Waving your arms in defense.
"Kesesesesese~ Well it clearly looked like..."
"Happy birthday Italy, Romano," you smiled sweetly before running off to shut the Prussian up.
You hope that they had a birthday to remember.

I did it. I freakin did it.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! :iconsuperw00tplz:
Okay so...Happy Birthday Italy and Romano! I love you guys and I'm sure you do to! :iconcutefeliplz: :iconcuteromanoplz:
I thought I wouldn't make it but it seems as if I cranked this out in less than an hour...I hope it didn't affect the quality of the story!
Now I'm pooped. Gonna go take a nap...
Ack. Just remembered I have class...byebye nappy time... :icongivingupplz:

I do not own the picture~
Italy and Romano belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexyitalyplz: :iconsexyromanoplz:
I own the story and the overall plot! :iconcross-angel-chan:
(I DID IT~! :iconamericaw00tplz: )
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