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March 23, 2013
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~Reader's POV~

Needless to say, you were feeling absolutely positively horrible. You had caught a nasty cold that had attacked you from nowhere, and you were currently taking refuge in a mass of blankets.
Worst of all, because your parents were not going to be home for the entire week, you were stuck by yourself. Not only the the feeling of impossible dread fill you up, but also loneliness.
You sighed, deciding to hold a little pity party for yourself when there was a knock at the door.
Who could it be? Probably just some stupid salesmen trying to get you to buy his ignored the knocking and buried into your pillows.
The sound of the lock on your door unlocking and the swing of the door bright you into high alert. Someone had unlocked your door.
Your frail hands tightened around your blankets and you trembled nervously. Just then, a blonde haired male with bright golden eyes stepped into your room.
You blinked. "Ed?"
Indeed it was the Fullmetal Alchemist, in his usual attire, a bag in one hand and a key swinging from his fingers. Your keys to be more exact.
"Hid them better. Some place other than under your doormat," he replied, tossing the keys to you.
"Alright," you managed to say before launching into one of your coughing fits.
He immediately drops his bag onto the ground and hurries toward you. "Are you alright?" he asked, concern leaking into his liquid gold orbs.
"O-Of course! Just a little cold that's all," you joked, after recovering from your coughing.
"It's definitely not just a little cold...I didn't know you were this sick..." he muttered worriedly.
You smiled and have him a weak pat on his hand. "Don't worry. I'll be fine in no time!" you reassured and then added, "So...why'd you come over today?"
"Winry told me to. She made something for you..." he took out a small pot and a bowl and opening it to reveal some chicken soup.
"Tell Winry she's a life-saver! I love chicken soup!"
He merely nodded, and filled up the bowl with the steaming broth. You reached your hands out to receive the bowl, but he wouldn't give it to you.
"What if you have one of those coughing fits again? I-I'll feed you that way it'll be safer," he advised.
You thought about it and agreed. As you sat up, Ed set the bowl down and positioned your pillows so it would be more comfortable for you. He was such a sweetheart.
The first taste of the soup made you realize how hungry you were. Soon, you finished not one bowl but the entire pot of soup!
"Aww...there's no more?"
"Of course there isn't, you ate the whole thing!"
"Oh well..." you pouted sadly.
The next few minutes of awkward silence was disrupted when Edward asked you a question.
"Uh...what do your parents usually do when you're sick?" he asked shyly.
"Well...they tell me stories!" you replied happily.
"Story telling? I don't think I'm good at that..." he mumbled nervously.
"It's alright! It could be anything!" you reassured.
"Okay. But first take your medicine, it'll help you get better faster," he handed you two pills and a glass of water.
Without a second thought, you downed it and waited excitedly for Ed's story time.
"So...Once Upon a a land far far away, there lived a awesome guy who had an equally awesome nickname. He was known as The Fullmetal Alchemist, and he was extremely popular with the ladies."
You laughed and then nodded to indicate for him to keep going.
"He had many cool adventures with his younger brother and his best friend. His best friend was a girl only a few months younger than him and she was both kind and very pretty."
Unknowingly, you flushed.
"The boy and the girl had a long history together. They've been friends since kindergarten, and they were often teased by other students calling them 'a couple' and 'lovebirds' but they didn't let it ruin their friendship."
"Then one day..." Ed's face turns a bit pink, "T-This strange feeling is born inside the boy. W-Whenever he looked at her it made him feel like nothing else mattered...except her. She was perfect in his eyes, a great personality and a kind heart. But he didn't want to ruin their friendship so he kept it buried under him. Sometimes, it's hard to hide the feelings. He wishes that she would finally see what he feels about her."
You looked up at him confusingly. "Ed?"
Then the drowsiness that the pills inflict took ahold of you. It's invisible arms dragged you down, sagging your body into you warm, warm bed. You fought.
"Wait! E-Ed..." you extended your arms towards him as much as you could.
You felt the familiar feel of his hand grasping yours. "Sleep well [Name]. I love you," and went on to plant a small kiss on your forehead.
I love you too Ed...
And then you succumbed to the sleep and let it envelop you.

Hello~! This is dedicated to :iconcardcaptorhailey:
Sorry it's short...I made it into a drabble ^^;
It's just I am really excited to start this novel thing! :iconyayamericaplz:
Well please to remember to favorite if you like this short piece of work, comment your thoughts (likes and dislikes), and watch me if you want to be updated on more works like these!

I do not own the picture.
I do not own Edward Elric or FMA.
You belong to :iconhappyedwardplz:
Story and overall plot belongs to moi~! :iconcross-angel-chan:
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madame-North Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
*gasp* Cross! I didn't know you wrote FMA fanfics!
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Ok. This is freaking amazing!!
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Thank you so much ;7; You are amazing too <3
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I love it! Is Perfect! And the story is cute for me! Cinnamon Cirno free avatar
Cross-Angel-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it c:
Ray711 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! You don't even know!
Only awkward part is when I try to put my OC in... It won't work... HER PARENTS ABANDONED HER FOR BEING AN ALCHEMIST!

Sky: Hey, at leads I am an alchemist...

Me: Don't remind me...
Cross-Angel-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
;~; I am so happy to hear that you liked it <3
D: Oh noes!

Haha xD
Sorry for not working out D: But thank you for reading and commenting!
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