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June 14, 2013
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    You couldn’t stand the way the people were treating the community park. It used to be so common for one to see a brightly colored hummingbird dancing across the flowers or a squirrel dodging out of a tree to give a curious look at the passerby.
    Now the public area was filled with a gloomy atmosphere which probably had something to do with the trash littering the grass and the withering flowers framed with dominating weeds. This park existed ever since you could remember. When anything extremely celebration-worthy happened, this park was the first place you and your friends went to. Likewise, when you needed to clear your thoughts and have some time alone this park also presented its services. Over the years, this place became like a second home to you, a sanctuary even.
    That’s it, you thought one Friday evening, after spending your entire time doing absolutely nothing and doodling out of pure boredom. If nobody was going to do anything, you were going to take action.
    Once you changed into a more suitable outfit for gardening and whatnot, the next step became to get the right supplies for the upcoming activity. When you finally managed to arrive at your destination, not a single soul was there and the community park looked more like a barren wasteland than anything else- something you actually expected.
    You knew you couldn’t possibly cover the entire area that made up the park in one day, so you staked out your claim and set to work right away. The job certainly was a difficult one, but because you were naturally stubborn and tended to stick to your word no matter what, there was no giving up or quitting for you. Once the remaining few soda cans and plastic wrappings found their way into the garbage can that was conveniently set up right next to you, you decided it was time to fix up the little garden that was nestled behind the little wooden bench. A list was already forming in your head as you surveyed the sad little structure: the weeds would need to be removed, the old and dried flowers cleared, proceed to plant the new ones you had purchased…
    No use waiting, time to get started. Getting rid of the annoying little weeds that seemed intent on staying in the dirt no matter what, you felt some else’s voice tickle your ear.
    “I like a girl who can get down and dirty…”
    The sudden comment not only brought a sudden flush to your face, but it also caused the weed you were struggling with to suddenly give away- leading to an equally embarrassing scene of you landing quite harshly on your year. Your startled [EyeColor] orbs were then met with bright violet ones that were filled with…amusement?!
Unlike your little visitor, you were anything but amused.
You tightened your jaw and dismissed him with a turn of your head and tended to the garden once again.
    “Come on schatz, don’t ignore me.”
    Tossing away another weed that put up quite a spectacular fight, you looked across at him and decided you could take a break and humor yourself while you were at it.
    “Hello sir. Is there something you need?” you asked a tad bit impatiently, a little ticked off already by him.
    “You,” he smirked, those violet eyes glittering brighter.
    You pursed your lips till they had the similarity of a straight line. “That’s too bad, because I’m afraid that will be something I can’t help you with. Have a good day,” to show him you were serious about it, you went back to clearing the dead flowers and plants.
    It was silent, the only thing occupying you being the fact that you were triumphantly defeating more and more of those stupid weeds. You had almost thought that the creepy guy had left until you heard his voice again.
    “Do you need help?”
    It was of a different tone this time, no longer teasing but more of a serious nature. His features had also been set differently this time as you noticed after a while; his sudden calm and stoic expression slightly taking you off guard.
    The thing was, you did kind of need his help. After all, you were getting a little hungry and if you worked alone it would be quite late before you could get home. Besides he was quite built- not that you were checking him out or anything childish like that, and if he lent you a hand you would be done in no time! Food was calling to you…
   “Whatever,” you replied, trying to keep your voice nonchalant while motioning for him to help you finish pulling out the weeds. Surprisingly, he listened, his face set and eyes far away…probably not in this world.
    Just like you had predicted, the two of you made extremely good progress and were done in no time at all. The flowers were planted, water, given the right amount of fertilizer and it made you happy somehow even with the fact still standing that your hair had probably come loose from the ponytail it was in and your face and hands were most likely smeared with dirt. But oh well.
    “Done!” the word escaped your mouth like praise, and you plopped down on the grass feeling the coolness and green all around you. It was comforting in a way, and brought back a flood of memories that also brought a smile to your face. You had helped the park in a way, and it felt good. Maybe more people would understand you, help out and maybe even visit a little more often. Speaking of helping out…
    “Hey uh…”
    “Yeah. Thank you Lutz, for helping out I mean. I don’t think I could have finished it this quick without you, you’re a real lifesaver,” you smiled at him, truly thankful.
    “It’s nothing. This park means a lot to me as well,” he replied, looking over at our handiwork in the corner as it waved bright and eye-catching colors.
    Sitting up, you realized that the sun was setting. The scene was perfect- if only you had a camera on hand. The bright red sun sinking behind the hills, lighting up the city buildings and mixing the skies into a half-hearted piece of work smeared with purples, reds, oranges and blues. It was certainly a sight to behold.
     You stood up to get a better look, not wanting the moment to end. Feeling a presence next to you, it loomed over your form and gave you a reassuring sense of protection. Turning to acknowledge your new friend, something inside you thought the scar across his face was maybe, just a little bit, handsome.
    You found your waist being protectively secured by his arm and pulled your side a little closer to his. Bumping into him slightly, it got you more worked over than you would have liked to admit as the pink blush decided to return back to your features.

This is dedicated to :icon66myth:
I hope that I didn't mess up too badly, it's my first 2P!Country reader insert and I'm not exactly familiar with 2P!Hetalia yet so if Lutz seems a bit OOC, I am really sorry! :ohnoes: Also, if some of you are confused by the sudden personality change from teasing to being really serious- I tried to explain that it was because the park meant a lot to him as well and he wanted to help it just as much as you did, sorry if it's a bit confusing ^^;
Still, if you liked it and would like me to write something for you > [link]

I do not own the picture.
I do not own 2P!Germany or Hetalia all rights go to their rightful owners.
You belong to :icon2pgermanyplz:
I do own the story and overall plot! :iconcross-angel-chan:
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