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Submitted on
February 27, 2013
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[England x Reader]

~Reader's POV~
Nothing was going right for you today.
You know those days where nothing seems to go good? And then at the end of the day you reflect on what happened and just have a little pity party for yourself. Well that's how you were feeling right now.
First, you had a fight with one of your good friends. She was mad at you about what? That's it. You didn't have a flying clue.
Then, you failed a test that you studied super hard for. Does that make any sense? Not to you.
As soon as you got home, you decided to have some relaxing time and then realized you lost your wallet. With money and stuff in there.
Apparently you did something so bad that even God hates you.
You were so frustrated you just wanted to bash your head into the wall. Though you doubted that would ease the throbbing headache you had. Just as you were about to scream in anger, you heard the doorbell ring. Oh...some stupid salesperson is gonna get it today...
"What now?!" you shouted, flinging the door open.
"Is something the matter l-love?"
You blinked. This wasn't some idiot salesman. It was one of your good friends named Arthur.
"O-Oh sorry! I was just um...annoyed. But please do come in!" you moved a bit to let him in your house.
"It's alright [Name]" he entered with a small smile. Shutting the door you let him in as the two of you sat stood in the living room.
"So...our old hiding spot?"
He flashed you a grin. "Of course."
You pour the two of you two glasses of lemonade and a platter of small cookies you baked the other day. You lead him out to your yard away and the two of you hid out under the apple tree that was literally so huge, that it covered the two of you under the shade.
"Right here..." you eased yourself under the tree, leaning against the trunk. Arthur followed you and sat near you.
"Have some cookies," you offered, setting the platter on the ground while handing him the glass of lemonade as well.
"Thank you love."
"No problem Iggy," you teased, using the nickname he didn't exactly love. Though he let you call him that for some weird reason that remained unknown to you.
He flinched, then look a sip of the lemonade.
"So what brings you here? We haven't met in a few days.." you started, looking at your hands.
"Well I happened to pass by...and I was curious on how you were doing so..."
You nodded and whispered, "Yeah...I'm..."
What should you say? Arthur was your best shouldn't lie to him. But it was just a bad day, you didn't need to worry him to much... He might even think you're annoying and insufferable if you get so worked up over something as small as this...
"I know something's wrong [Nickname]. Tell me...I'm listening..." he said, turning to give you that piercing emerald-eyed state of his.
You laughed nervously. "I-It really isn't anything Artie...just um...a bad day is all."
The. You found yourself spilling everything. You explained to him about your best friend, about your test, and about your lost wallet. It was a mystery to you why you couldn't stop talking. Maybe it was because you wanted a person to talk to, or maybe it was Arthur's stare that really got to you.
When you stopped, you took a long gulp of your drink to clear up your dry throat.
He leaned in closer to you and turned your face gently with a warm hand caressing your cheek. You flushed, and wondered stupidly if he could feel the sudden temperature change in your heated cheek.
"Don't cry love..." he said, brushing wetness off your cheek.
You blinked. You...were crying?!
You laughed and cleaned yourself as best as you could. Seriously [Name]. Why the heck are you crying you baby! Stay strong!
"Why are you crying love?"
"I-I...m-my had a picture of u-us that day we went to the p-park..." you whimpered, digging your finger in the ground. You turned your face in embarrassment.
You found yourself turning to rest your chin on his shoulder. His arms wrapping around you, warmth enveloping your entire being.
You broke in tears sadly, Iggy's hug was what finally broke you. You wished someone would understand you and you needed a hug so bad. Now you finally realized it.
After a long time, you wiped away your tears with the back of your hand. Arthur smiled sadly and kissed you on the forehead.
You found yourself staring into those emerald green eyes again. You could see yourself in them, you were so close...
Unconsciously closing your eyes, you leaned in.
And was greeted with a quick kiss on the nose.
Angry with embarrassment, you softly punched him in the shoulder with a hissed, "Arthur!"
He chuckled, the sound entering your ears and sending shivers down your back. You indignantly gathered your courage and pecked him on the mouth.
When you pulled away he had a small smirk on his face, his green eyes darkening.
All you can say was he tasted like lemons.

I had to delete this the first time...I hope this works this time...:iconorzplz:
This is dedicated to :iconsensuru-chan:
Hope you liked, please do remember to comment, fav, and watch! Comments are greatly appreciated! Even if it's just a 'Good Job!' it'll make me happy!
I need an England hug badly right now. I had a semi-sad day :iconsadnessplz:

I do not own the picture~
England belongs to the great :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to this beast right here :iconsexyengland2plz:
And last but never least...this story belongs to :iconcross-angel-chan:
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